Awesome Things You Can Learn From Melbourne Valuers

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Awesome Things You Can Learn From Melbourne Valuers

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Really exceptional experience that Know Libby and I are really enjoying we’re just trying to put away as much money as we can and then see where we’re at hopefully when these awful be up there we got there so for you that would be a good thing for us yeah it would be would be gross smiles Milly and Ben aren’t the only ones who think there’s a housing bubble it’s bubble it’s a Potion scheme.

like I know like like all Potion schemes or little bubbles it’s driven by people taking out debt Steve Kean has predicted a crash before Melbourne Valuers and he’s been spectacularly wrong love the look of the balloons in he walked from Canberra to Mount Kosciusko losing a bet that Australian house prices would fall by up to forty percent he says the only thing he got wrong was the timing so we’ve actually managed to keep it going but we’ve only done it by boosting our mortgage debt to the highest level in the Western world to record.

Trillion dollars mortgage debt is now equivalent in value to ninety-four percent of Australia’s GDP Australian banks are more exposed to the mortgage market than in any counterculture Alexander also compares the housing market here to a potion scheme a ischemic is based on that there will renew people coming into the market all the time willing to buy that it’s solely based on the fact that the market will always go up well that’s what investors are borrowing at one hundred percent are relying donas a visual metaphor is probably a bit clunky but the point about a Ischemic is once everyone.

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